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Options and Accessories

Accuset 2 Setworks

Accuset 2 Setworks

Offers more features and benefits than any setworks option in the industry. Convenience and accuracy at your fingertips.


Manual Mode — allows you to operate the mill as usual and displays the blade height setting. 

Auto-Down Mode — references the current blade height and allows you to select preset increments to move the blade down. Up to 16 settings can be selected and stored. 

Auto-Up Mode — Ideal for raising the sawhead when large incremental cuts are needed. 

Pattern Mode — program up to 16 different sawing increments measured from the bed up. 

Reference Mode — program four pre-set vertical locations of the sawhead travel. 

On Board Diagnostics — continually monitors operation. 

Built-in Bypass — when manual head adjustments are needed or desired.