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Mike Collier's Island Getaway

2013 Personal Best First Place Winner in Homes and Major Structures, LT15 owner Mike Collier

"When I retired, I needed a project to satisfy my creative spirit and to keep me physically active,” said Mike. “All my life I wanted to build my own home, and as I always loved construction, and woodwork in particular, this was the perfect dream project." It took more than three years for Mike Collier to build his 2,800-square-foot dream home. "I cut 80% of the wood which equated to more than 25,000 board feet for this project," said Mike. Using his Wood-Mizer LT15 sawmill, Mike estimated saving around $40,000 on lumber while using mostly local wood to build his water front, lodge-style home on Gambier Island near Vancouver. "Given that the island was only boat accessible, I have a great feeling of accomplishment that I was able to do this," said Mike. "The house could only be built because of my Wood-Mizer sawmill."





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