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David Weyler's Wine Pavilion

2011 Personal Best Honorable Mention in Exterior Projects, LT28 owner David Weyler

David Weyler is in the process of starting his own winery in Kentucky, and after three months of work and an LT28 sawmill, he was able to add to that goal with a wine bar pavilion constructed from cedar timber frame. He says, “People are coming from all over…They love it!” The rock fireplace has a built-in firewood stacking area and a grill, and also doubles as a retaining wall. Large flagstones give the floor an extra special look, and the bar is built from 80 board feet of hickory. David estimates he saved $20,000 by sawing the 1,000 board feet of lumber needed for the pavilion.  “The Wood-Mizer purchase was hands down the best investment we made in our farm. It has returned the original investment over six times in six years and this is without doing any commercial sawing. We have rebuilt several barns, two houses, a garage, fences, and recently the wine pavilion. It has enabled us to improve the value of our assets as well as create a profitable business off our land without doing traditional farming.”



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