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The Bennett's Family Home

2013 Personal Best Second Place Winners in Homes and Major Structures, LT15 owners Ross and Joslin Bennett

Thoughts of an expanding family had the walls closing in on Ross and Joslin Bennett of New Hampshire. Realizing their current space wasn’t large  enough for any new additions to their family, the Bennetts started outlining a plan for building themselves a new, more family friendly home. The plans called for a 1,350-square-foot, two-story home built on a 700-square-foot unfinished basement. During the build, approximately 20,000 board feet of eastern white pine was cut with their Wood-Mizer LT15 sawmill. “Even though this was one of Wood-Mizer’s smaller models, it was amazing what just the two of us were able to accomplish,” said Ross. Sawing over 75% of the wood used in the build, the couple estimated their savings from using their Wood-Mizer at approximately $25,000. Two years after the start of the project, and just one week before Joslin’s due date, the house was finally completed. When asked about the completion of their home, the couple responded, “The feeling of bringing our new daughter into the home we built for her was breathtaking.”




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