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Joe Vardanega's Family Cabin

2013 Personal Best First Place Winner in Small Homes and Cabins, LT35 owner Joe Vardanega

Wanting a cabin on her property, Joe Vardenega’s mother-in-law used a roll of string, stakes and measuring tape to lay out the building plans. “My mother-in-law asked me to draw up the plan as she explained and we [began] working on the cabin throughout the summer and on the weekend as we had time,” said Joe. Before the project could resume in the spring with the start of good weather, Joe’s mother-in-law was diagnosed with lung cancer. “We worked all-hands-on-deck, but she passed away five short weeks after her diagnosis,” said Joe. In just one year’s time and only a few months after his mother-in-law’s passing, the project was finished. Joe used the word “bittersweet” to describe the feeling of seeing the finished cabin. Joe estimated that by using his Wood-Mizer LT35, he saved close to $10,000 and was able to cut more than 90% of the 4,000 board feet of ponderosa pine and juniper needed for the project. The end result was a picture perfect, 392-square-foot, 14’ x 20’ cabin, complete with a loft and covered porch. “Unfortunately [my mother-in-law] did not get to see the finished product,” said Joe. The family currently enjoys spending time in the cabin and will continue to honor it in her memory for years to come.



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