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The log deck can be integrated with the WM4000/WM3500 and is controlled from the operators stand with a touch of a button. The log deck can be used to feed the WM4000/WM3500 headrig or any other application requiring logs to be staged and loaded. Available in 12' (3.6m) and 20' (6m) standard lengths, heavy duty chains are hydraulically driven, and the unit is equipped with a stop and loader to ensure that a single log at a time is loaded onto the mill. The angle of the log deck easily loads low-grade, knotty logs. Increase productivity for your operation by adding this heavy duty log deck.


Max. Log Length
30' (9.1m)
Staging Capacity for Logs (LD12-1) 12' (3.6m)
Staging Capacity for Logs (LD20-1) 20' (6m)
Length w/ Loader Down (LD12-1)
16' 8" (5.1m)
Length w/ Loader Down (LD20-1)
24' 4" (7.4m)
6' (1.83m)
Width (chain center-to-center)
59" (1.5m)
Height 38" (965mm)
Weight (LD20-1)
1,740 lbs (789 kg)
Weight (LD20-1) 2,507 lbs (1,140 kg)