DoubleHARD Bandsaw Blades

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Durable All-Purpose Bandsaw blade

DoubleHard is a durable all-purpose blade for sawing softwoods, hardwoods, knotty woods, and frozen woods.

  • Induction Hardened Teeth
  • Manufactured Exclusively by Wood-Mizer for Sawmilling applications
Description DoubleHARD Bandsaw Blades

DoubleHard blades earned their name because Wood-Mizer starts with a high-quality alloy steel and then induction hardens the teeth, giving you a blade that delivers twice the toughness - and twice the sharp life. In fact, DoubleHard blades have up to twice the sharp life of most standard blades.

Wood-Mizer DoubleHard blades are tough, non-brittle, and won’t chip or wear down prematurely. Each set tooth is individually measured and set by computer-controlled equipment during the manufacturing process.

Wood-Mizer offers DoubleHard blades in a wide range of widths, and thicknesses, and profiles suited to the most common applications and to more specialized cutting needs. Any length blades are available; if we don’t stock it, we will make it to your order.

Wood-Mizer’s selection of DoubleHard blades offers unmatched cutting flexibility, whether you need to cut frozen lumber, softwoods, hardwoods, knotty woods, or in situations where kerf is critical.

Thickness x WidthHook AngleTooth Spacing (in)
.035 x 1¼" 10° ⅞"
.042 x 1¼" 9°, 10°, V10° ⅞"
.045 x 1¼" 4°, 7°, T7°, 9°, 10°, V10° ⅞"
.045 x 1½" 4°, 7°, T7°, 9°, 10°, 13°, V10° ⅞"
.045 x 1½"  10° 1⅛"
.050 x 1½"  10°, 13° ⅞"
.055 x 1¼"  4°, 7°, T7°, 9°, 10° ⅞"
.055 x 1½" 4°, 7°, T7°, 10°, 13°, V10°  ⅞"
.055 x 1½"  10° 1⅛"
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