MP220 Planer Moulder Rip Saw

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The MP220 efficiently combines moulding, planing and ripsawing in one machine

Three-in-one planer, moulder, and rip saw featuring a planer/moulder cutter and circular rip saw blade for making finished wood trim, flooring, dimensional lumber and more.

  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Ease of use at a low price
  • Optimized for efficiency
  • Moulding, planing and ripsawing combined in one unit
Description MP220 Planer Moulder Rip Saw

Let it rip, plane, and mould with the MP220 Planer Moulder Rip Saw!

The MP220 Planer Moulder Rip Saw is a versatile and compact three-in-one woodworking machine able to produce finished wood trim, flooring, dimensional lumber and more from rough sawn material. With the MP220, planing or moulding and rip sawing material can be accomplished in one pass to increase production and profitability while saving time.

The MP220 features one horizontal cutter for planing or moulding and one circular saw blade for rip sawing or resawing material. For accurate and consistent results, two steel and one polyurethane feed rollers efficiently move material on the heavy-duty cast-iron table through the horizontal cutter and rip saw blade at a variable speed. In addition, the compact size and optional casters save floorspace and provide flexibility to move the MP220 around the workshop.

The MP220 Planer Moulder Rip Saw is built to last with heavy duty cast-iron tables, durable sheet steel chassis, and premium components. Proven in workshops throughout the world, the MP220 is backed by the same legendary service, quality and safety features shared by the entire family of Wood-Mizer woodworking equipment. Increase the value and possibilities of your rough sawn boards and create professionally finished products with the versatile and compact MP220 Planer Moulder Rip Saw.

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Features MP220 Planer Moulder Rip Saw

Specifications MP220 Planer Moulder Rip Saw
Material Capacity
Max. Material Width 400 mm
Max. Material Height 240 mm
Min. Material Height 15 mm
Min. Material Length 470 mm
Horizontal Cutter
Motor 3 kW (Set Feed Speed)
4 kW (Variable Feed Speed)
Diameter 2-13/16" (72mm)
Max. Planing Width 400 mm
Max. Cutting Depth 4 mm
Max. Cutting Depth 20 mm
Max. Ripsawing Width 280 mm
Max. Ripsawing Height 80 mm
Circular Blade
Diameter 225 mm
Bore Diameter 35 mm
Feed System
Feed Speed 5 m/min
2-11 m/min
Feed Motor 0.18 kW (0.25 HP)
0.37 kW (0.5 HP) (with planetary gearbox)
Dimensions & Weight
Length 1116 mm
Width 788 mm
Height 1257 mm
Cast-Iron Table Size 650 mm x 410 mm
Weight 240 kg
Shipping Weight 360 kg
Machine Standards & Requirements
Dust Extraction Ports 50 mm
100 mm
125 mm
Min. Extractor Air Flow Rate 2000 m3/h
Electrical Requirements 3-phase, 400 V, 16 A
3-phase, 230 V, 16 A
1-phase, 230 V, 20 A (only set variable speed)
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