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LT15 Portable Sawmill

The world standard for manual stationary sawmills

Gas Powered Walk Along Crank Feed  28 Inch Cut

Overachiever in its Class

The LT15 is an overachiever in its class and has produced more than 2.5 times its published board foot per hour rate in several  competitive events. With more standard horsepower than the LT10 and the ability to saw unlimited log lengths, the LT15 is a powerhouse that will take on any size project, dream or lumber demand.


Standard Operation and Log Handling Features

LT15 Crank Feed

Crank Feed
Turn the crank to easily move the head through the log.

LT15 Head Up/Down

Head Up/Down 
A Quick turn of the handle moves head up/down effortlessly.

Sits Low to Ground

Sits Low to Ground 
Requires minimal lifting of the log.

Log Clamps

Two Log Clamps 
Fully adjustable to tightly clamp log and allow cuts within 1" of bed.

Six Side Supports

Six Side Supports 
Three of the six side supports have NEW heavy-duty rollers to assist with log turning.

Easy Shipping and Assembly

Easy Shipping and Assembly 
Estimated 2-4 hours assembly time.

LT15 Example Project

Dream home built by Mike Collier and his LT15 sawmill. See more projects like this one.


Log Capacity
28" dia. x 17' 8" long
Maximum Width of Cut
Production Capability
Up to 320 bd ft/hr
1,200 lbs (544kg)
Power Options
19HP Gas
25HP Gas
10HP Diesel
17HP Diesel
10 HP Single or 3 Phase Electric

Download Full Spec Sheet


Power Feed More Info
LT15GO Trailer Package More Info
Pro Package More Info

Power Feed
Upgrade your LT15's manual crank to 12V Power Feed


6'8" Bed Extension More Info
Cant Hooks More Info
Log Carrier More Info
Log Arches More Info
Resaw Attachment More Info
Shingle & Lapsider  More Info 
Lathe-Mizer  More Info
Sawmill Covers  More Info 
Log Clamp  More Info 

LT15 Portable Sawmill Success Stories

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up to 320 bf/hr

28" Dia. X 17' 8" Long
19HP Gas (Upgrade Available)
Manual Crank Feed
Trailer Package (Standard)


up to 375 bf/hr

36" Dia. X 17' 8" Long
25HP Gas (Upgrade Available)
Manual Crank Feed
Optional Power Feed