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Pallet Dismantling Blades

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Select your bandsaw blade length and quantity for .042" thick, 1-1/4" wide, 5-8 TPI Bi-Metal pallet dismantling bandsaw blades. For assistance in selecting your blades, use the Bandsaw Blade Selection Guide.
Description Pallet Dismantling Blades

Shop high-quality, long-lasting pallet dismantling bandsaw blades designed for Wood-Mizer Pallet Hawg® and other bandsaw pallet dismantler equipment including:

  • Wood-Mizer Pallet Hawg® PD200 bandsaw pallet dismantler
  • Industrial Resources bandsaw pallet dismantler
  • PRS bandsaw pallet dismantler
  • Smart Products bandsaw pallet dismantler
  • Smetco bandsaw pallet dismantler
  • Universal Machinery bandsaw pallet dismantler

When combined with our Pallet Hawg® equipment, our high-quality pallet dismantling blades are one of the longest lasting blades in the industry.

Bandsaw Pallet Dismantler Blade Length Guide

Length Product
22' 4" (268") Wood-Mizer PD200 (60" Cut)
23' 4" (280") Wood-Mizer PD200 (66" Cut)
24' 4" (292") Wood-Mizer PD200 (72" Cut)
26' 4" (316") Wood-Mizer PD200 (84" Cut)
28' 4" (340") Wood-Mizer PD200 (96" Cut)
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Videos Pallet Dismantling Blades
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