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Sharpeners and Setters


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  1. BMS25 Bandsaw Blade Sharpener
    BMS25 Bandsaw Blade Sharpener
    Designed for hobbyists and sawyers in rural areas, the BMS25 runs on a 12V battery and is able to sharpen a variety of blade profiles at a rate of 30 teeth per minute.
  2. BMS250 Bandsaw Blade Sharpener
    BMS250 Bandsaw Blade Sharpener
    As low as $2,903.00

    The BMS250 blade sharpener is ideal for the sawyer looking to invest in a high quality, automatic sharpener that can sharpen blades regularly and reliably for a timber cutting business.

  3. BMS500 Bandsaw Blade Sharpener
    BMS500 Bandsaw Blade Sharpener
    As low as $8,724.00

    The Industrial-grade construction and automatic features let you focus on efficiently sharpening large blade volumes.

  4. BMST50 Blade Sharpener & Setter
    BMST50 Bandsaw Blade Sharpener & Setter
    Easily sharpen and set 1” (133.35 mm) to 1.5” (38.1 mm) blades with this efficient, space saving machine. Includes machine and tooth set gauge. Grinding wheel and oil sold separately.
  5. BMT250 Automatic Dual Tooth Setter
    BMT250 Automatic Dual Tooth Setter

    Automatically set both sides of your blades with high quality and efficiency.

  6. BMT200 Manual Dual Tooth Setter
    BMT200 Manual Dual Tooth Setter
    This simple-to-use crank handle sets two teeth per revolution with the same precision and accuracy as the BMT250.
  7. BMT150 Manual Tooth Setter
    BMT150 Manual Tooth Setter

    The BMT150 is a manually operated tooth setter that sets two teeth at a time, increasing efficiency but remaining affordable.

  8. BMT100 Manual Tooth Setter
    BMT100 Manual Tooth Setter

    The BMT100 is a manually operated economical tooth setter that sets one tooth at a time. The BMT100 is a reliable option for low volume operations that demand consistent set patterns.

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About Wood-Mizer Sharpeners and Tooth Setters

Blades perform at their peak when they have been properly sharpened and set. A sharp and accurately set blade cuts faster, produces more accurate lumber, and saves time and fuel. That’s why Wood-Mizer manufactures a professional line of sawmill blade sharpeners and tooth setters to help your bandsaw blades deliver maximum performance with each cut.

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