Sawmill Accessories

Sawmill Accessories

Do more with your sawmill by shopping our collection of attachments and accessories engineered specifically for your Wood-Mizer sawmill equipment. Shop options and accessories for your sawmill including setworks, debarker, bed extensions, covers, attachments, and more!

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  1. MP100 Log Moulder / Planer
    MP100 Log Moulder / Planer
    Plane and mould finished beams by adding the MP100 log moulder/planer to your Wood-Mizer LT15 sawmill.
  2. Laser Sight
    Laser Sight
    Increase yield on your Wood-Mizer portable sawmill with laser sight that pinpoints the exact location where the blade will enter the log.
  3. Log Clamp for LT10/LT15 Sawmills
    Log Clamp for LT10/LT15 Sawmills
    Tightly fasten and secure logs on your LT10 or LT15 sawmill bed with an easily positioned, zinc plated log clamp.
  4. Operator Seat
    Operator Seat
    Rest your feet and turn your Wood-Mizer LT40 - LT70 model sawmill with walk-along controls into a ride-along with the comfortable, contoured operator seat.
  5. LT15GO Log Loading Kit
    LT15GO Log Loading Kit
    Efficient manual log loading system for LT15GO portable sawmills that includes manual winch and log loading ramps.
  6. LT15 Power Feed
    Power Feed for LT15/LT28 Sawmills

    Starting at $1,553.00

    Improve cut quality and ease of operation by converting your Wood-Mizer LT15, LT15GO, LT15WIDE, or LT28 sawmill manual crank feed into an efficient and simple-to-use power feed system with variable forward speed control.
  7. Resaw Attachment
    Resaw Attachment
    Efficiently process cants into boards, recover wood from slabs, create lap siding, and more by turning your Wood-Mizer LT15 – LT70 model sawmill with power feed into a versatile resaw!
  8. Accuset 2® Setworks
    Accuset 2® Setworks
    Calculate board thickness and reposition the sawing head automatically on your Wood-Mizer hydraulic portable sawmill with Accuset2 Setworks.
  9. Debarker

    Starting at $2,093.00

    Extend overall blade life on your Wood-Mizer portable sawmill with a debarker that keeps debris and dirt away from your sawmill blades.
  10. Log Deck Package
    Log Deck Package

    Starting at $413.00

    Efficiently load, turn, and level logs by upgrading your Wood-Mizer manual portable sawmill with an efficient log handling system that includes a manual winch, steel claw log turner, and two log leveling toeboards.
  11. Sawmill Bed Extensions
    Sawmill Bed Extensions
    Saw longer logs by extending the cutting length of your Wood-Mizer sawmill with a sawmill bed extension.
  12. Trailer Package for LT15 Sawmills
    Trailer Package for LT15 Sawmills
    Turn your Wood-Mizer LT15 model sawmill into a completely portable sawmill with a trailer package that includes everything you need to be on the GO.
  13. Fine Adjust Outriggers
    Fine Adjust Outriggers

    Starting at $209.00

    Precisely level your Wood-Mizer portable sawmill in the most uneven setup with fine adjustment outriggers.

18 Items

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