2/3 VFL900 Drive Belt

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Part #: 047751
Compatibility: LT15, LT28, LT35, and LX150 portable sawmills

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Description 2/3 VFL900 Drive Belt

2/3 VFL900 Drive Belt (Part #: 047751) for Wood-Mizer Portable Sawmills

The 2/3 VFL900 Drive Belt is compatible with LT15, LT28, LT35, and LX150 model sawmills. To get the maximum value out of your 2/3 VFL900 Drive Belt, check the belt tension after the first 20 hours and then once every 50 hours after, using your Belt Tension Gauge (Part #: 016309). The estimated life for the 2/3 VFL900 Drive Belt is 1,250 hours. Replace your 2/3 VFL900 Drive Belt if you notice any cracking or tearing on the belt. In addition to following the maintenance schedule in your manual, the 2/3 VFL Drive Belt will help keep your sawmill in great condition so you can continue to enjoy your Wood-Mizer for years to come!

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