Bandsaw Blade Sharpening

Bandsaw Blade Sharpening

Sharpeners & Tooth Setters

Blades perform at their peak when they have been properly sharpened and set. A sharp and accurately set blade cuts faster, produces more accurate lumber, and saves time and fuel. That’s why Wood-Mizer manufactures a professional line of sawmill blade sharpeners and tooth setters to help your bandsaw blades deliver maximum performance with each cut.

Grinding Wheels

Wood-Mizer manufactures and supplies CBN and Diamond coated grinding wheels made in the USA for the highest quality bandsaw blade sharpening. Use Wood-Mizer grinding wheels when sharpening your sawmill blades for best results.

  1. 8in CBN Grinding Wheel
    8in CBN Grinding Wheel
    As low as $473.00
  2. 5in CBN Wheel
    5in CBN Wheel
    As low as $204.00
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