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Wood-Mizer Canada Headquarters will be closed Good Friday and Easter Monday.

Wood-Mizer Canada Headquarters will be closed Good Friday and Easter Monday.

Wood-Mizer Canada Headquarters will be closed Good Friday and Easter Monday.

Customer Stories

Creating Custom Pallets with the WM4500 Industrial Sawmill

Located in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, Dan Ullmann and his team at DJ Pallets are using their Wood-Mizer machinery to repurpose recycled pallets and create their own custom pallets for customers across America.

Furniture Maker Mills One-of-a-Kind Cypress Desk

Kyle Snellenberger had the creative idea of using an entire log for one piece of furniture, so he milled and made a one-of-a-kind statement piece for a hotel lobby in Louisiana.

Engaged Couple Build Yoga Studio in Colorado

Residing in Salida, Colorado, Parker Dunbar used his Wood-Mizer LT15 portable sawmill to create a brand-new yoga studio for his fiancé, Jillayne.

Third Generation Electrician Develops Sawmilling Business in Ohio

Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, Paul Gangloff went from electrician to sawyer, opening his own sawmilling business, Riverside Logging and Sawmilling.

The Art of Boat Building in Wisconsin

Located on the beautiful shore of Lake Superior in Wisconsin, woodworker and sawyer Joshua Swan has been building unique wooden boats for more than two decades.

Good Wood Nashville Preserves History through Salvaged and Reclaimed Wood

Good Wood Nashville, located in scenic Nashville, Tennessee, is dedicated to turning salvaged and reclaimed wood from tragedies, natural disasters, and urban development into amazing works of art including a once-in-a-lifetime project with Belmont University.

Portable Sawmilling for Fun, Therapy, and Relaxation

Jon chose a Wood-Mizer LT40WIDE portable sawmill with hydraulic log loading. Jon Scott became interested in carpentry and wood when he was 12 years old. "My high school didn't offer shop class, so I'm a self-taught woodworker. I learned everything from books, and now I continue to search and find new useful information on the internet," says Jon.

Constructing a Unique Wooden Chapel on a Connecticut Farm

Farm owners Bill Finnegan and Amy Finnegan along with their friend, Jon Scott, used a Wood-Mizer portable sawmill to mill trees from their farm and build the stunning Trinity Knot Chapel in Connecticut as a place to thank God for their blessings.

Father and Son Industrial Sawmill Business in Ohio

Located in the lush rolling hills of Piketon, Ohio, Brandon Wooldridge and his son Bryce run their own sawmill business, Deep Woods Lumber Co. The family owned and operated sawmill business was established in 1998 and recently upgraded their equipment to a Wood-Mizer WM4500 industrial sawmill system to carry on their long family tradition of sawmilling.

Wilson Enterprises Grows with Wood-Mizer WB2000 Industrial Sawmilling System

Located in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan, family-owned and operated Wilson Enterprises has provided high-quality evergreen and wood products for home décor, construction, and craft projects since 1985. Recently, the company invested in a Wood-Mizer WB2000 industrial sawmilling system to process logs to finished products all in-house while offering their wood products in close to 5,000 retail stores throughout the United States. 

Nonprofit Urban Sawmilling in Metro Atlanta

Located within the city limits of Atlanta, Georgia, the nonprofit sawmill, Atlanta Wood Foundation, was established in 2021 to save damaged, diseased, and fallen urban trees from the landfill while providing high-quality wood to the surrounding woodworking community.

Family Run Sawmill Business in Oregon

Located along the beautiful Pacific coastline in Seaside, Oregon, Marlborough Milling produces rough-sawn lumber as well as custom wood furniture with a Wood-Mizer LT50 Hydraulic portable sawmill.

Teen Entrepreneur Starts Sawmill Business in New Brunswick

A 17-year-old sawyer, Max Smith, has been learning the craft of sawing lumber on an entry-level manual sawmill. Recently, Max upgraded to an LT40 Super Hydraulic portable sawmill for his sawmill business in New Brunswick.

Tree Faller Becomes Custom Sawmiller in British Columbia

As an experienced tree faller, Jimmy Pleym has dedicated his skills to becoming a custom sawmiller in British Columbia. With the help of master sawyer and mentor Mark Thornley, Jimmy and his wife Val founded Alpine Wood Products using their LT40 Hydraulic and LT15WIDE.

Nelson Wood Shims Installs Wood-Mizer Sawmill System to Drive Productivity

Nelson Wood Shims, the largest shim manufacturer in North America, recently installed an industrial sawmill system from leading wood processing equipment manufacturer, Wood-Mizer, at its state-of-the-art, high volume sawmill facility in Minnesota, USA.

Building Santa’s Sleigh with a Wood-Mizer Portable Sawmill

With the combination of being a woodworker and owning a Wood-Mizer portable sawmill, Gregg Turk was able to build an incredible new wooden sleigh for Santa Claus.

Sawmilling and Woodworking for Education in Wisconsin

Located in Northern Wisconsin, in the small town of Antigo, Travis Allen and Logan Wells have dedicated their talents to teaching sawmilling and woodworking at Northcentral Technical College (NTC). In doing so, Travis and Logan have set their sights on educating and preparing the next generation of woodworkers and forest products professionals.

Sustainable Logging and Sawmilling in Sandy, Oregon

Chuck Vance has spent the last thirty years shaping his 39 acres of forest near Sandy, Oregon. Chuck’s forest can provide enough logs each year to sustainably support his sawmill, benefiting his environmental goals and his community’s goals as well. Through those years he has sequestered more than 50 million pounds of CO2 equivalent in greenhouse gases.

Reclaiming Urban Timber in Pennsylvania

Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Manayunk Timber is a family-owned and operated urban sawmill that uses their Wood-Mizer portable sawmill to preserve the city’s rich history.

Recycling Timber from Treetops to Tabletops in Sydney

Located in Yagoona, New South Wales, Australia, Bass Mahmood and his team at Aus Arbor use a Wood-Mizer LT15WIDE portable sawmill to recycle trees destined for removal into usable timber.

Sawmilling Specialty High-Value Lumber in British Columbia

Veteran British Columbia sawmiller, James Dodich of Cats Eye Logging and Sawmilling, continues to find success after more than two decades in the sawmill business.

Milling Eucalyptus in the South Island of New Zealand

The northern region of New Zealand’s South Island is home to a temperate climate with good rainfall – creating the perfect condition for rapid growth in the plantation forestry industry. In 2012, Justin Wells saw an opportunity in milling local tree species, and Logs 2 Lumber began.

Mesquite Treehouse Milled and Made in Southern Arizona

Arthur and Valerie Flores of Tumacacori Mesquite Sawmill in southern Arizona milled and made a unique mesquite treehouse with their Wood-Mizer portable sawmill.

Mulberry Chapel Built on 450-Acre Farm in Georgia

After dreaming and planning for decades, George Coker milled and made the Mulberry Chapel on his 450-acre farm in Georgia with his Wood-Mizer portable sawmill.

Building a Rustic Log Cabin in Ontario

Jerry Ball achieved his dream of building a rustic log cabin in Ontario with help from his team of logging horses and his Wood-Mizer portable sawmill.

Building a Cedar Greenhouse in British Columbia

Stan Kujala built a dream greenhouse on his lakeside property in Port Alberni, British Columbia with Douglas fir and cedar milled on his Wood-Mizer portable sawmill.

Custom Portable Sawmilling on Vancouver Island

West Coast Custom Timber on Vancouver Island has experienced growth in demand and repeat customers with a Wood-Mizer hydraulic portable sawmill and board edger.

Building a Creek-Side Cabin in British Columbia

Travel across a small footbridge from Andrew Koessler’s main cabin in British Columbia and find a picturesque creek-side guest cabin milled and made with a Wood-Mizer portable sawmill.

Building Wooden Toy Cars for Operation Christmas Child

Ken Postema, My Wood-Mizer Project Contest award-winner and woodworker from Michigan, USA uses his Wood-Mizer portable sawmill and planer/moulder to build tens of thousands of wooden toy cars for Operation Christmas Child.

Sawmilling in Trapper Creek, Alaska

Vickie Knapp shares her story of sawmilling in Trapper Creek, Alaska with her late husband and their Wood-Mizer LT40 portable sawmill.

Restoring Men Through Christ, a Sawmill and a Woodshop

Restoration Sawmill's goal is helping men struggling with addiction in Indiana, USA. With a LT40HD portable sawmill, they are able to sustain their non-profit mission and, more importantly, teach men the values of hard-work and service.

Livengood Pallets Rebuilds After Fire with Wood-Mizer Pallet Hawg Equipment

In 2017, tragedy struck Livengood Pallet Services when a fire devastated their business. Now, with the help of three Wood-Mizer Pallet Hawg® machines, Livengood Pallets is back in business recycling pallet material and building combo pallets.

Sawmilling Salvaged Wood in Southern Ontario

Located in southern Ontario, Rustic and Reclaimed's unique business model includes offering demolition services for old, unused barns and salvaging the wood. This wood, as well as other logs salvaged by the company, are processed on a Wood-Mizer LT28 and turned into usable lumber and live edge slabs.

Salvage Sawmilling and Furniture Making in Victoria

The Wood Project is a salvage sawmilling business started by Sarah and Nath Worth in Victoria, Australia. Starting out primarily as a firewood business, Sarah and Nath added a Wood-Mizer LT50 WIDE hydraulic portable sawmill and a wood drying kiln to their operation and now produce furniture and other finished timber products.

From Farming to Custom Sawmilling in Alberta

Looking for a change of pace, farmer Dave Slingerland seized the opportunity to buy HC Forest Products, a custom sawmilling company in southern Alberta. More than a decade later, Dave has no regrets.

Sawing Lumber for Cabins in Michigan

Steve Kesti, owner of Backwoods Lumber and volunteer firefighter, uses his Wood-Mizer LT40 hydraulic portable sawmill and MP260 planer/moulder to produce and sell lumber for cabins, chicken coops, siding, flooring and other products in Michigan, USA.

Sawmilling Island Specialty Timbers in Tasmania

Island Specialty Timbers in Tasmania, Australia, utilize an LT70 Super Hydraulic portable sawmill and other wood processing equipment to ensure that customers enjoy all the benefits of the unique wood species growing on the island.

Building an Island Dream Home off the British Columbia Coast

On the secluded Gambier Island off the British Columbia Coast, Mike Collier utilized his Wood-Mizer LT15 portable sawmill to turn local trees into lumber in order to build his dream project: a beautiful island home.

Mathematics Professor Builds Cedar Chapel by the Salish Sea

Five feet from the shore of the Salish Sea in British Columbia, Canada stands a majestic cedar chapel artfully crafted from locally salvaged dead cedar trees by 80-year-old retired mathematics professor Lowell Hinrichs and his Wood-Mizer portable sawmill.

Farming and Sawing Live Edge Slabs in Indiana

Fourth-generation farmer Adrian Hood and his father Randy are growing a successful sawmill business which includes the production of high-value live edge wood slabs, heirloom furniture, and dimensional lumber with a Wood-Mizer wide cut sawmill and slab flattening mill.

Saskatchewan Sawmiller Doubles Production with Wood-Mizer Portable Sawmill

Christiansen Lumber in northwestern Saskatchewan, Canada doubles production and maximizes lumber recovery with a Wood-Mizer LT70 electric sawmill.

Expanding the Narrow Gate Through Woodworking

The Narrow Gate Foundation has helped more than 500 young men discover a relationship with Jesus Christ while finding and pursuing their life’s purpose through woodworking.

Australian Sawmill Provides Timber for Rural Properties

Select-A-Fence located in New South Wales, Australia provides property development and timber construction for people who are escaping to the country or need a property upgrade for their rural lifestyle.

British Columbia Sawmill Focuses On High Demand Wood Products

Morris Sawmill and Lumber supplies sawn timber for custom homes, wood decks, and fences in British Columbia with a Wood-Mizer LT40 hydraulic portable sawmill.

The Joys of Working with Wood

Retired police officer Gary Phillips is using his 45 acre woodlot in Nova Scotia and Wood-Mizer LT35 hydraulic portable sawmill to help people struggling with PTSD.

Building 600 Homes in Fiji After Cyclone Winston

After the Southern Hemisphere’s most-powerful cyclone hit the Fijian islands in 2016, a group of dedicated missionaries and volunteers traveled from Montana, Alabama, Tennessee, Iowa, Oregon, and California to begin an extensive rebuilding project that resulted in more than 600 homes built for dozens of Fijian island communities.

Building Churches and Schools in Papua New Guinea

Missionary Jesse Pryor returned to Papua New Guinea where he was born and raised to build churches, schools, and medical facilities for the local community in the remote jungle.

Building a Cabin with a Portable Sawmill

Billy Reeder didn’t just build a cabin by milling his own lumber with a portable sawmill, he built a new life. A simple life. A good life.

One Small Sawmill Creates Positive Change in the Congo Jungle

Missionary Glen Chapman shares how one small sawmill in Congo has improved lives in amazing ways.

Making Major League Baseball Bats From Forest To Field

Why swing with an old bat, when you can swing with a Young one. In the mountains of North Carolina, the family-owned and operated Young Bat Company handcrafts wooden baseball bats from forest to field for everyone from little leaguers to Hall of Fame caliber players.

Handcrafting Zen Chairs in Japan

At the base of Mt. Fuji in Japan, world-renowned woodworker Tak Yoshino creates custom, handcrafted chairs that promote proper and healthy posture through the practice of Zen. As a result of his chairs receiving worldwide acclaim and an increasing number of woodworkers learning Japanese carpentry from Tak, he is currently building a woodworking school with sustainably harvested timber from his own forest.

Caribbean Family Grows Woodworking Business with Portable Sawmill

On a small Caribbean island, a family-owned sawmilling shop is providing handcrafted wood furniture, woodworking repairs, and lumber sales to customers as far away as the United States.

From Portable to Production Sawmilling in New York State

On the outskirts of Buffalo, New York in the small town of Holland, is the hard-working family sawmilling business Holland Timber Company. Starting as a portable sawmill for homeowners, the business has evolved to a production mill supplying cabinetry, flooring, and pallet manufacturers throughout the Northeast United States.

The Emerging Economy of Urban Wood

By sawing urban wood with a Wood-Mizer portable sawmill, Megan Offner and New York Heartwoods are reducing wood disposal expenses, redirecting material from the waste stream, decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, fueling the demand for local wood products, and growing an exciting new economy.

Sawmilling and Horse Logging in Western North Carolina

Sometimes the size of a business is less important than the potential impact a company can have on the community it serves. Mountain Works’ core approach to business revolves around its function as a demonstration project seeking to bring about change in the way most forestry and agriculture is done in America.

Wheeler Mission Producing Pallets to Change Lives

Wheeler Mission Pallet and Industry produces high quality pallets while rehabilitating a workforce through Christ-centered programs.

Urban Sawmilling in Hawaii

Established in 2010 as a collaboration between an ISA Certified Arborist and a sustainable building consultant, Josh Greenspan and Alex Woodbury of Kamuela Hardwoods save logs from the landfill to create locally-sourced, high-quality, salvaged lumber for islander woodworkers, builders, and instrument makers in their Hawaiian community.

Wood-Mizer Missions Team Visits Costa Rica

Teaming up with Youth with a Mission (YWAM), several Wood-Mizer employees and family members traveled to Costa Rica to build a housing structure for visiting missionaries in the area. Here are a few first-hand experiences from the mission team’s travels.

The Building of Noah's Ark

One of Wood-Mizer’s smallest sawmills was used to cut 50% of the timber for the world’s largest freestanding timber frame structure – a Biblically-sized reconstruction of Noah’s Ark.

Great Oaks from Little Acorns Grow for English Carpenter

Paul Grainger is an engineer at heart. Whether it’s restoring motorcycles, repairing farm machinery or building timber-framed roofs, he can turn his hand to it. An eye for detail and a healthy dose of passion for carpentry has seen him build a diverse, busy business across North Yorkshire in England. Having three Wood-Mizer LT40 sawmills since starting the business has helped him go from selling waste wood on eBay to becoming an intrinsic part of a multi-million-pound restoration project at a luxury rural hotel.

Sawmilling Native Timbers in Tasmania

Tasmanian Native Timbers is a boutique family-owned sawmill and timber supply business based in the Northwest of Tasmania, Australia. Our sawmill had been operated at the same location for more than ten years when we took over the business from the previous owner. It has been run by the Bird family including myself, Helen and Nelson for just over 3 years.

Durability and Tradition Drives Family Timber Framing Business

Ogonek Custom Hardwoods in East-Central Ohio grew out of a family's love for a place that represents much more than an investment. With deep family roots, Dan and his family enjoy building and assembling timber frames with their LT50 sawmill.

Crafting Fine Handmade Furniture in Tasmania

Recognized as one of Tasmania’s finest wood furniture craftsmen, fourth generation woodworker Craig Howard turns sustainable sourced timber into handmade furniture in Tasmania’s capital city of Hobart.

Making End Grain Cutting Boards in Nova Scotia

Located on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, Canada, Larch Wood handcrafts wooden end grain cutting boards from sustainably managed and harvested larch trees.

Family Sawmilling Business Producing Pallet and Grade Lumber in Northwest Ohio

The family-owned and operated L. Garbers & Sons Sawmill in Northwest Ohio started out as a side business and has grown into a full-time operation with a high-production industrial sawmilling system in Wauseon, Ohio.

Former Electrician Builds Dream Home in British Columbia

With eight years of hard work and dedication, along with a few helpers and a Wood-Mizer portable sawmill, Nathan accomplished his lifelong dream of building his own home.

Sawing Hardwood for Lobster Traps on Prince Edward Island

Cody and Ashley Koke run Timber Koke’s Sawmill, a custom milling operation in Brooklyn, Prince Edward Island. Established in 2015, Timber Koke’s specializes in supplying hardwood material for lobster traps as well as dimensional lumber for both homeowners and professional clients.

Valley View Cedar Producer Builds Business in British Columbia

Located on two acres in Kamloops, British Columbia, Valley View Industries produces and sells a variety of cedar products including gazebos, fencing, and more to customers throughout North America and Japan.

Sawmill Provides Environmental and Economic Benefits for Community Forest in British Columbia

Harrop-Procter Community Co-op in southeastern British Columbia, Canada is sustainably managing the community forest while also benefiting the local economy and community.

Sawing Heavy Timbers for Movie Sets in Alberta

Fifth generation Brooks Sawmill in Alberta, Canada produces lumber, beams, and heavy timbers for high-profile movie sets, log homes, furniture, and landowners.

Reclaiming Old Growth Timber in Saskatchewan

Lincoln Dobson of Last Mountain Timber Wrighting in Saskatchewan turns reclaimed wood from demolished buildings into timber frame structures, building components, and heirloom-quality furniture.

Salvaging Urban Timber in Vancouver

Eric Savics and Danny Hagge established Van Urban Timber to produce live-edge slabs and custom wood furniture from locally salvaged urban trees in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Manufacturing Fish and Produce Boxes in New Brunswick

G.L. Wood Products in New Brunswick, Canada manufactures a variety of wood products including wooden boxes, pallets, stickers & laths, and dunnage with two Wood-Mizer six-head horizontal resaws.

Sawing Logs and Moulding Finished Flooring in Scotland

Just outside of Edinburgh, Scotland, Sandy Crook has retired from his full time tree surgeon business to spend more time with what he really enjoys, seeing timber turned into final products. With his full complement of Wood-Mizer sawmills and new MP360 planer/moulder, he can do everything in-house.

Wooden Footbridges & Signage Unlock The English Countryside for the Public

Brampton Woodworks is an English carpentry workshop that specializes in building wooden footbridges and footpath signs. Recently, the number of orders from local authorities was increasing and they needed to purchase a new portable sawmill which would increase capacity and boost productivity. After thorough research they invested in the new Wood-Mizer LX450 twin rail sawmill.

Scottish Wood Sawmill Successfully Utilizing Local Scottish Timber

In Dunfermline, a little village north of Edinburgh, Scottish Wood has grown substantially over the past 20 years. They are a social enterprise - a charity which owns a sawmill and supplies local builders with locally grown timber.

Saved by a Sawmill in the Congo

The curious tale of one tree’s late night attack on a Wood-Mizer sawmill, and of the sawmill’s brave defense that saved the lives of two boys who happened to be sleeping in a building next to it.

Malaysian Schoolteacher Achieves Dream of His Own Woodworking Venture

In the East Coast region of Malaysia, Mohd Nazmie is a schoolteacher, woodworker, and sawmiller who salvages trees that otherwise would have been burned. He produces and sells live-edge furniture for friends and local clients thanks to an investment in an LT15 portable sawmill that has opened up a whole niche industry to himself.

Farming & Sawmilling in the Swiss Alps

Heini Hutter uses a personal sawmill to make lumber for repairs and improvements on his organic mountain farm in Switzerland.

Salvaged Trees Provide Materials for Creating a Living-Roof Arbour

Arborist Jeremy Harper removes and repurposes would-be waste trees into beautiful projects including a living garden arbor at his family home in the United Kingdom.

From Log To Modulog in Wales

In order to manage their woodland profitably, a Welsh father and son timber framing team has developed modular cabins built with timber from their own trees, demonstrating how thoughtful woodland management encourages innovative ways of preserving forests.

One LT15 Sawmill Produces Timber for 50,000 Beehives in Zambia

Developed by missionary philanthropist John Enright, a co-op style honey initiative, is taking off in Zambia, and improving lives for the 10,000 individuals already involved.

German Logger Expands into Sawmilling With LT15

Ever since his childhood, Maik Retz always felt at home in the forest. Growing up two hours west of Berlin in a rural farming and forestry area, he knew he wanted to make forestry his career. His father started a business producing firewood and fencing material more than 40 years ago, and Maik started working in the business in 1994. Maik now operates the business with his brother and one other employee.

LT15 Helps Scottish Teacher Prove Viability of Traditional Woodcraft

James Thomson of Glenrothes, Scotland started Thomson Timber in 2007. Previously trained as a mechanical design engineer, he had worked in Australia and Edinburgh before returning home and taking up teaching woodworking for twenty years.

Farmers Find Profits In Processing English Oak

The WM1000, which can cut logs up to 1.7m diameter in the centre, was originally designed to meet demand for a cost-effective machine to saw tropical hardwood logs in Asia and Africa, but at Copford Farm Sawmill in Sussex it is proving its worth cutting large diameter oak prized for top grade joinery as well as quarter-sawn material for furniture.

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