B57 Blade Wheel Belt

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Part #: P04185

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Description B57 Blade Wheel Belt

B57 Blade Wheel Belt (Part #P04185) for Wood-Mizer Portable Sawmills. Compatible with LT10, LT15START, LT15, LT15WIDE, LX150, LT20, LT25, LT27, LT28, LT30, LT35, LT40, and LT50 model sawmills. Compared to other blade wheel belts, the Wood-Mizer B57 retains its shape for a longer life as it is made from specially hardened material that doesn’t wear off as quickly as other belts do. For longer life, rotate belts every 50 hours. Estimated blade wheel life is up to 400 hours. To see if your Blade Wheel belt needs to be replaced, check for cracks or an extremely loose fit. In addition to following the maintenance schedule in your manual, the B57 Blade Wheel Belt will help keep your sawmill in great condition so you can continue to enjoy your Wood-Mizer for years to come!


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