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Lathe-Mizer Attachment

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Convert Small Logs into Valuable Wood Products

Turn your Wood-Mizer sawmill into a versatile log lathe to create posts, furniture parts, railings, and more! Mounts to Wood-Mizer LT15 - LT70 model sawmills.

  • Built in the USA
Description Lathe-Mizer Attachment

Unique Sawmill Attachment for Sawing Specialty Shaped Logs
TStart sawing small diameter logs into columns, spindles, railings, and more on your portable sawmill with the Lathe-Mizer! Built in the USA, the one-of-a-kind Lathe-Mizer Log Lathe Sawmill Attachment attaches directly to a sawmill bed and uses the sawmill blade, lathe dog, clamping system, and rotation presets to saw up to 13” diameter logs into a 2, 3, 4, 6, or 8-sided piece. For perfectly round columns, a 1HP electric motor independently powered by a 110V outlet spins the lathe while the sawmill blade rounds out the 8-sided piece. With the ability to produce round, triangle, square, hexagon, octagon, and other specialty shaped logs, the Lathe-Mizer a perfect addition for anyone who wants to expand their product offering or get into more specialty woodworking projects while increasing the value of your small diameter logs!

Simple to load

Setting lathe dog

Log is clamped

Sawn into 8 sides

Lathe spins while sawmill rounds out log

Spinning is powered by a 1HP electric motor connected to a 110V outlet







Material Capacity

  • Max Log Diameter - 13"
  • Max Log Length - 8' 4"
  • Max Log Length with Lathe-Ex - 12' 4"
  • Min Finished Round Diameter - 3" with a max length of 6'
  • Min Finished Round Diameter - 4" with a max length of 8' 4"
  • Min Finished Round Diameter - 6" with a max length of 12' 4"
  • Multi-sided Finished Diameter - 3" to 13"
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