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Wood-Mizer Canada Headquarters will be closed Good Friday and Easter Monday.

Wood-Mizer Canada Headquarters will be closed Good Friday and Easter Monday.

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EA1000 Automated Edger

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Automated & High Volume Edging with Board Scanning

High-throughput optimizing lumber edgers with optical board scanning technology, electro servo sizing system, automated board alignment, 29HP or 40HP electric power, up to 460 ft/min variable feed speed, 19 - 11/16" max material width, and up to 1 - 3/4" max material thickness.

  • Lower Labour Requirements
  • Efficient Timber Handling
  • Optical Computer Scanning for optimal recovery
  • Averages 20 Boards per Minute
Best Service and Support
Description EA1000 Automated Edger

The EA1000 Automated Edger uses optical scanning technology to achieve high precision and low waste edging of boards. The entire edging process is automated. First, each board is scanned. The profile of each board is then analyzed by a computer, which decides on the best product to maximize recovery. Decisions are based on both volume recovery and product value. After scanning, the boards pass through an alignment station and then are sawn.

The V-AE is capable of handling an average of 20 boards per minute and is the ideal machine to edge boards coming from other Resaws. Electric servo sizing system achieves any width of cut without complication.

Parallel PLC / computer control systems allow the machine to be switched over to manual mode with a single button. Online support allows our technicians to dial into your machine to troubleshoot it remotely.

Overall, the EA1000 Automated Edger is a simple, robust and automated solution to your edging needs.


  • Optical scanning on the run
  • Easy to use windows interface
  • Mechanized material handling for fast, accurate board alignment
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Features EA1000 Automated Edger
Specifications EA1000 Automated Edger
Power Selections
Power Selections 30HP (22kW) electric
40HP (30kW) electric
Cutting Capacities
Min Width of Cut 1.5" (40 mm)
Production Rate 20 boards/min (average)
Number of Blades 2
Blade Diameter 17 1/2" (450 mm)
Blade Kerf 0.195” (5 mm)
Blade Adjustment Method Electric Servo
Blade position Two Centered Blades
Feed System & Operation
Feed Speed 260 - 450ft/min
Board Alignment Automated mechanical board alignment
Material Hold-down Powered Pneumatic Hold-down Rollers
Scanning Optical Material Scanner System
Operator Controls Stationary Control Station
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