MP260 Planer / Moulder

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Compact and versatile four-sided planer / moulder

Four-sided Moulder and Planer for full flexibility to produce finished timber.

  • 4-sided planing and profiling in one pass.
  • Large 4-sided cutting capacity - 260 mm wide x 100 mm high.
  • Easy to adjust, handle and use on a daily basis.
Description MP260 Planer / Moulder
The MP260 four-sided planer / moulder is a versatile, compact machine engineered for professional woodworkers, carpenters, or joiners in the construction trade. Affordable and easy to use, the MP260 planes and moulds boards on all four sides in a single pass into a variety of professionally finished products including flooring, planed boards, crown moulding, cabinet trim, paneling, door and window frames, and furniture components.
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Features MP260 Planer / Moulder
Specifications MP260 Planer / Moulder
4-sided Moulding Capacity
Width - 4 Sided Planing 1" - 10 1/4" (25mm-260mm)
Height - 4 Sided Planing 1/4" - 4" (6mm-100mm)
2-sided Moulding Capacity
Width - 2 Sided Planing 1"-11 13/16" (25mm-300mm)
Height - 2 Sided Planing 1/4" - 9" (6mm-230mm)
1-sided Moulding or Thicknessing Capacity
Width - 1 Sided Planing 1" - 16" (25mm-410mm)
Height - 1 Sided Planing 1/4" - 9" (6mm-230mm)
Features & Options
Number of Horizontal Cutters 2
Number of Spindles 2
Number of Sawdust Extraction Ports 4
Viewing Window Yes
Options 3.9' (1.2m) Infeed/Outfeed Tables
Transport wheels
Upper Horizontal Cutter
Upper Horizontal Cutter Diameter 2 7/8" (72mm)
Upper Horizontal Cutter Width 16.14” (410mm)
Upper Horizontal Cutter Power 5.5HP (4kW)
Upper Horizontal Cutter Speed 6000rpm / 50Hz
Upper Horizontal Cutter Max Cutting Depth 5/16" (8mm)
Upper Horizontal Cutter Max Profile Depth 3/4" (20mm)
Lower Horizontal Cutter
Lower Horizontal Cutter Diameter 2 13/16" (72mm)
Lower Horizontal Cutter Width 11 13/16" (300mm)
Lower Horizontal Cutter Power 4HP (3kW)
Lower Horizontal Cutter Speed 6000rpm
Lower Horizontal Cutter Cutting Depth 0-5/16" (0-8mm)
Lower Horizontal Cutter Profile Depth 1/2" (15mm)
Vertical Cutters
Vertical Cutters Spindle Diameter 1 3/16" (30mm)
Vertical Cutters Max Cutter Height 3 15/16" (100mm)
Vertical Cutters Max Diameter 5 1/2" (140mm)
Vertical Cutters Power 4HP (3kW)
Vertical Cutters Rotation Speed 6000rpm
Vertical Cutters Max Cutting Depth 1 3/16" (30mm)
Standard Vertical Cutters Included
Type TB90
Diameter 3.5" (90 mm)
Height 1.5" (40 mm)
Knife Type HSS
Knife Width 2" (50mm)
Power Feed
Feed Motor 0.5HP (0.37kW)
Feed Speed 6-39 ft/min 50Hz (2-12 m/min)
7-47 ft/min 60Hz (2.5-14 m/min)
Feed Rollers 4 Steel + 1 Polyurethane Rollers
5 Polyurethane Rollers (Optional)
Dimensions & Weight
Length 43” (1,100mm)
Width 35.4" (900 mm)
Height 38" (970mm)
Weight 904 lbs
Shipment Weight 1,100lbs (495kg)
Machine Standards & Requirements
Total Power 18HP (13.4kW)
Electrical Requirements 3-phase, 400-440 V, 16 A
3-phase, 230 V, 20 A
1-phase, 230 V, 32-50 A
Sawdust collection port diameter 3 x 4" + 1 x 5"
Safety Standards CE
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