Customer Spotlight

Mulberry Chapel Built on 450-Acre Farm in Georgia

After dreaming and planning for decades, George Coker milled and made the Mulberry Chapel on his 450-acre farm in Georgia with his Wood-Mizer portable sawmill.

Building a Rustic Log Cabin in Ontario

Jerry Ball achieved his dream of building a rustic log cabin in Ontario with help from his team of logging horses and his Wood-Mizer portable sawmill.

Custom Portable Sawmilling on Vancouver Island

West Coast Custom Timber on Vancouver Island has experienced growth in demand and repeat customers with a Wood-Mizer hydraulic portable sawmill and board edger.

Building a Creek-Side Cabin in British Columbia

Travel across a small footbridge from Andrew Koessler’s main cabin in British Columbia and find a picturesque creek-side guest cabin milled and made with a Wood-Mizer portable sawmill.

Sawmilling in Trapper Creek, Alaska

Vickie Knapp shares her story of sawmilling in Trapper Creek, Alaska with her late husband and their Wood-Mizer LT40 portable sawmill.

Sawmilling Salvaged Wood in Southern Ontario

Located in southern Ontario, Rustic and Reclaimed's unique business model includes offering demolition services for old, unused barns and salvaging the wood. This wood, as well as other logs salvaged by the company, are processed on a Wood-Mizer LT28 and turned into usable lumber and live edge slabs.

Salvage Sawmilling and Furniture Making in Victoria

The Wood Project is a salvage sawmilling business started by Sarah and Nath Worth in Victoria, Australia. Starting out primarily as a firewood business, Sarah and Nath added a Wood-Mizer LT50 WIDE hydraulic portable sawmill and a wood drying kiln to their operation and now produce furniture and other finished timber products.

From Farming to Custom Sawmilling in Alberta

Looking for a change of pace, farmer Dave Slingerland seized the opportunity to buy HC Forest Products, a custom sawmilling company in southern Alberta. More than a decade later, Dave has no regrets.

Sawing Lumber for Cabins in Michigan

Steve Kesti, owner of Backwoods Lumber and volunteer firefighter, uses his Wood-Mizer LT40 hydraulic portable sawmill and MP260 planer/moulder to produce and sell lumber for cabins, chicken coops, siding, flooring and other products in Michigan, USA.

Building an Island Dream Home off the British Columbia Coast

On the secluded Gambier Island off the British Columbia Coast, Mike Collier utilized his Wood-Mizer LT15 portable sawmill to turn local trees into lumber in order to build his dream project: a beautiful island home.

Farming and Sawing Live Edge Slabs in Indiana

Fourth-generation farmer Adrian Hood and his father Randy are growing a successful sawmill business which includes the production of high-value live edge wood slabs, heirloom furniture, and dimensional lumber with a Wood-Mizer wide cut sawmill and slab flattening mill.

Saskatchewan Sawmiller Doubles Production with Wood-Mizer Portable Sawmill

Christiansen Lumber in northwestern Saskatchewan, Canada doubles production and maximizes lumber recovery with a Wood-Mizer LT70 electric sawmill.

Australian Sawmill Provides Timber for Rural Properties

Select-A-Fence located in New South Wales, Australia provides property development and timber construction for people who are escaping to the country or need a property upgrade for their rural lifestyle.

British Columbia Sawmill Focuses On High Demand Wood Products

Morris Sawmill and Lumber supplies sawn timber for custom homes, wood decks, and fences in British Columbia with a Wood-Mizer LT40 hydraulic portable sawmill.

The Joys of Working with Wood

Retired police officer Gary Phillips is using his 45 acre woodlot in Nova Scotia and Wood-Mizer LT35 hydraulic portable sawmill to help people struggling with PTSD.

Building a Cabin with a Portable Sawmill

Billy Reeder didn’t just build a cabin by milling his own lumber with a portable sawmill, he built a new life. A simple life. A good life.

Sawmilling Native Timbers in Tasmania

Tasmanian Native Timbers is a boutique family-owned sawmill and timber supply business based in the Northwest of Tasmania, Australia. Our sawmill had been operated at the same location for more than ten years when we took over the business from the previous owner. It has been run by the Bird family including myself, Helen and Nelson for just over 3 years.

Family Sawmilling Business Producing Pallet and Grade Lumber in Northwest Ohio

The family-owned and operated L. Garbers & Sons Sawmill in Northwest Ohio started out as a side business and has grown into a full-time operation with a high-production industrial sawmilling system in Wauseon, Ohio.

Sawing Hardwood for Lobster Traps on Prince Edward Island

Cody and Ashley Koke run Timber Koke’s Sawmill, a custom milling operation in Brooklyn, Prince Edward Island. Established in 2015, Timber Koke’s specializes in supplying hardwood material for lobster traps as well as dimensional lumber for both homeowners and professional clients.

Valley View Cedar Producer Builds Business in British Columbia

Located on two acres in Kamloops, British Columbia, Valley View Industries produces and sells a variety of cedar products including gazebos, fencing, and more to customers throughout North America and Japan.

Sawing Heavy Timbers for Movie Sets in Alberta

Fifth generation Brooks Sawmill in Alberta, Canada produces lumber, beams, and heavy timbers for high-profile movie sets, log homes, furniture, and landowners.

Reclaiming Old Growth Timber in Saskatchewan

Lincoln Dobson of Last Mountain Timber Wrighting in Saskatchewan turns reclaimed wood from demolished buildings into timber frame structures, building components, and heirloom-quality furniture.

Manufacturing Fish and Produce Boxes in New Brunswick

G.L. Wood Products in New Brunswick, Canada manufactures a variety of wood products including wooden boxes, pallets, stickers & laths, and dunnage with two Wood-Mizer six-head horizontal resaws.

Wooden Footbridges & Signage Unlock The English Countryside for the Public

Brampton Woodworks is an English carpentry workshop that specializes in building wooden footbridges and footpath signs. Recently, the number of orders from local authorities was increasing and they needed to purchase a new portable sawmill which would increase capacity and boost productivity. After thorough research they invested in the new Wood-Mizer LX450 twin rail sawmill.

Scottish Wood Sawmill Successfully Utilizing Local Scottish Timber

In Dunfermline, a little village north of Edinburgh, Scottish Wood has grown substantially over the past 20 years. They are a social enterprise - a charity which owns a sawmill and supplies local builders with locally grown timber.

From Log To Modulog in Wales

In order to manage their woodland profitably, a Welsh father and son timber framing team has developed modular cabins built with timber from their own trees, demonstrating how thoughtful woodland management encourages innovative ways of preserving forests.

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